Unique Tubs, Custom Built.


Since we began, our tubs have always been custom built and we are committed to continue offering all the benefits that custom design provides. But, we have also been asked to design a simple and satisfying “Ready to Soak” range that can be hand built here in Maine to the same standards but at lower cost and more rapidly. So here it is.


ofuro japanese tubs


We call it Sukiya in honor of the Japanese architectural form that celebrates refined simplicity and the beauty of natural materials. The Sukiya tub comes in two standard sizes; 60” with an angled backrest for one person and 67” with two angled backrests, for double occupancy. It is offered in a choice of two wood species, African Mahogany or African Teak. As with all our tubs, Sukiya will be fully DeepSealed™, meaning that the tub requires no oils or special maintenance, and is Resistant to Soaps, Shampoo and Bath Additives.




ofuro japanese tubs

Sukiya Single Tub
Sukiya Double Tub



Sukiya exterior dimensions

Single tub: 60” maximum length x 30” width x 24” high.
Has drain and overflow at foot end.

Double tub: 67” maximum length x 30” width x 24” high.
Has drain and overflow at center.

Both styles are 53” x 30” at floor.


Tub Detais: Both available with African Teak or African Mahogany.



ofuro japanese tubs
Euro Tub, Limited Edition

We also have a European style single tub, made to order.

Dimensions: 66" length x 28" width x 24" maximum height


Tub Detais: Made with DeepSealed™ Walnut.